Fortified Wines

Chateau Yaldara’s fortifieds took off in the 1950’s, with a fortunate purchase of large capacity barrels. Hermann Thumm’s vision for these barrels were to age some of the Barossa’s most impressive and unique fortified wines.

Those barrels are still in use today, some being over 100 years old. This gives us an amazing leg up on the density and flavour of each vintage we make.

Across our range of fortifieds we have something for everyone.

What Is Fortified Wine?

Commonly known over the years as "Port", fortified wine originated in Portugal. In simple terms, fortified wine is wine that is fortified with brown or a clear natural grape spirit, often brandy. Traditionally made in Portugal out of 101 different grapes, though more commonly with 30, such as touriga nacional, touriga franca, etc. In Australia we use, Shiraz, Grenache, and Mataro predominantly, or a blend of multiple grapes. 

Creating a fortified wine begins with wine making process as usual by adding yeast. The yeast eats the sugar and converts it to alcohol, a process called fermentation. Halfway through fermentation, a spirit of 77% alcohol is added and kills the yeast, leaving about 7-9% alcohol and the rest is natural grape sugar – this is what makes it sweet. It then moves to barrels for a number of years and oxidation takes place, increasing the sugar while water evaporates out. When it comes to an appropriate age, it's sent to bottling.

Late Harvest VS Fortified Wines

Late Harvest wines are created like regular table wines; however, the key difference are the grapes being held on the vine longer than normal. This extended time on the vine leaves the grapes dehydrated, causing a rise in sugar concentration. Noteworthy, late harvest wines are not made by adding a spirit.

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Feeling Fortified

Join us in and throughout Chateau Yaldara and tap into our treasure trove of incredible fortified wines. Enjoy a guided tour through our historic cellars and maturation areas, get to see, smell and soak up the magic which is over 75 years of fortified history. You will learn about the Chateau’s rich history, wine-making techniques, and more as you immerse yourself into this fantastic opportunity to go behind the locked gates and see areas of the winery that aren't open to the public. On returning to one of our tasting rooms, you will be spoiled with a selection of aged fortifieds.

Bookings are essential and can be made by calling or emailing our team cellar door.

$100 per person

Contact us for more information.

Our Current range of late harvest and fortified wines

2018 Late Harvest Semillon $30.00 

Our late harvest Semillon displays citrus complexity with fragrant peach notes on the palate. A wonderful sweet finish, creating the perfect dessert wine.

NV Classic Tawny $35.00 

Deep tawny colour with a hint of yellow green on the edge. It holds complex aromas of raisin fruit, toffee, leather, fruitcake and roast nut. The palate is luscious, richly flavoured, sweet but with a delicious savoury nutty finish.

20 Year Old Muscat $75.00 

A mid amber-green colouring, with intense lifted muscat floral and rose petal nose. It holds complex and deep aged characters such as toffee, butterscotch and spice. A beautifully balanced seamless luscious palate with a hint of citrus peel leading to a finish of great intensity and length.

30 Year Old Tawny $375.00 

Dried stone fruits and burnt toffee notes are evident with honey and ginger notes. The wine has an amazing length of sweetness and balanced acidity with highlighted floral spirit undertones. The bouquet has notes of fruit cake, golden syrup and liquored sultanas.

40 Year Old Tawny $600 

The colour has intense honey brown and green hues. The bouquet holds dark golden syrup, dried prunes and sweet floral lift. The palate has extended barrel maturation which intensifies the grape flavours and creates intense viscous and silky mouthfeel. Dried stone fruits and spiced caramel notes are evident with molasses and roasted almonds.                                           

Chateau Yaldara Wooden Keg for fortified wines Chateau Yaldara Wooden Keg for fortified wines

Chateau Yaldara Tawny kegs

Chateau Yaldara partners with Andrew Young, a phenomenal Barossa Master Cooper. Andrew produces handcrafted 10 litre kegs, that can display a personalised engraving.

He masterfully creates our 10-litre round and 10-litre oval kegs for you to start your own tawny maturation journey, starting at $675. We offer these full of some of our award winning tawny.

If you are interested, give us a call on 08 8524 0225, email us at, or make a visit to our cellar door.

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The faces behind our Fortified wines

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